World Cup Report Wednesday 18th June

Australia 2- 3 Holland
The most colourful of games in many ways with the orange of the dutch (even though they were wearing blue) pretty much sent the yellow and green of Australia back down under despite looking the better team on the pitch and on the scoreboard for 65mins. That was the turning point, Aussies were 2 on 1 against the keeper but Oar smashed it across goal and probably broke 2 of Leckie’s ribs in the process as he could do no more than chest it towards goal. The Dutch went and scored from 25 yards at the other end! That was the difference! Get the shrimps out, the Roo’s are coming home!
Oh and must mention Tim Cahill’s opener, best goal of the tournament so far!

Spain 0-2 Chile
Spain losing 2 consecutive internationals for the 1st time since 2006 proved costly! Alonso given the ball away was the story of the 1st half resulting in Chile taking an early lead on the break in 20mins. Spain continued to try and play but looking like they were trying to solve a puzzle with only half the pieces.
Then Alexis’ free kick From 22y scared Casillas so much he decided to punch it straight to Aranguiz instead of dirtying the palms of his gloves, he punished him by ramming the ball down his throat and into the net. 2nd half began Spain huffed n puffed but couldn’t have blown each other let alone a house or the chile defence down! Spain were so bad in the 2nd I’m beginning to believe in match fixing!

Cameroon 0-4 Croatia
Most of the Cameroon squad will struggle to sleep tonight but it’s because of the itches on the pitch in Croatian shirts rather than than from creepy crawly’s in the amazon city of Manaus. With Perisic setting up Olic for the 1st goal after 20m the tone was set.
Alex song sent off in late in the 1st half for a bitchy elbow chop down a spine reminiscent of an 90’s wrestler and ruined the game for his hard working Cameroon buddies! Rakitic and Modric had a free reign to dictate the game after that. Perisic got the 2nd just minutes into the 2nd half after the Cameroon keeper Itandje caught a bout of floppy ankle and kicked it straight to the Croatian winger, he ran in on goal for 25 yards and Itandje not content with passing it straight to winger dived out the way of the placed shot to make it 2-0.
Mandzukich made 3 when Cameroon defenders decided it would be more fun marking grass than players from a corner, then a 4th thanks to the Cameroon keeper Itandje continued to play kamikaze keeper with his second assist of the night by palming an angled shot into Mandzukich’s feet. The rest petered out into a non event, despite Cameroon hitting the crossbar.
Croatia looked decent but Cameroon beat themselves, rather than got beat!20140619-133253-48773606.jpg



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