World Cup report Thursday 19th

Colombia 2-1 Ivory Coast
Despite a wealth if premier league talent and familiar names to us, Yaya Toure, Wilfred Bony, Tiote, Gervinho and talking of premier league talent Manchester Uniteds very own Howard Webb was refereeing the game.
An early Colombia chance fell to Gutierrez but he must of known he was offside because he scuffed the chance. Ivory Coast haven’t kept a clean sheet in nearly a year so someone needed score at some point. It was a goalless 1st half but we did see the best most ridiculous dive ever from Serey Die, he kind of tripped himself up but went down as if he’d been stung in the face by a bee!
Colombia went 1-0 up a corner 66min, it was poor marking, simple. Ivory Coast threatened for 5 mins they hit a corner into the 1st man (criminal) which they cleared easily. Shortly after it was 2-0 as Serey Die couldn’t control a 5 yard pass and gave it straight to Cuadrado who was 3 on 1. He slipped it to Rodriguez who slotted home. Yaya the tank now has to carry the team which looked like a heavy shift to carry through.
Gervinho smashed home a great individual goal which will leave Arsenal fans rubbing their eyes in disbelief to give them hope but they failed to equalise and it stayed as it was.

England 1-2 Uruguay
Despite having a Pass completion 70% which was 15%better than Uruguay in the 1st half they still went into the break 1-0 down. Suarez picked himself and his teeth up, wandered into the box behind Cahill. Cavani must have had awful breath as Johnson have him 3 yards of space, he had time to pick out the half fit genius Suarez to head past Joe Hart.
Uruguay played more long ball than England and not one of them was successful. So surely the trick is to Keep pressure high on the pitch and keep their long ball completion at 0%??
Sturridge done some nice trickery on the right wing took out 2 defenders and put Johnson down the wing to put a low cross/tackle into the box that found it’s way to Rooney who ghosted into the far post for his first ever World Cup goal. To be fair and despite the euphoria of an equaliser, England never looked close to winning it even at 1-1. Passes were too short, too long, bobbly, or at an opposing player. Uruguay were like a bully in the playground, almost invited us in as if to say ‘come on then try and punch me, we got the hardest kid in the playground’! Queue Luis Suarez, for the sucker lunch! Again!
Just when they needed him to step in, defence too deep one 5yrd run from Cavanai without even touching the ball, made Gerrard attack it but mis-judge and Jagielka pull forward 4 yards, giving Suarez the space he needs to smash past joe hart! Looking back it could have been avoided in so many ways.
Fingers being pointed all over the place but realistically we lost against 2 teams that are above us in the world rankings. The frustrating thing is if we swapped both performances around from Saturday we would be sitting on 3 points.
I refuse to point the blame on any one or two players we played out strongest team, but it’s just not good enough. So on goes the debate about youth/grassroots/overpaid etc.
The facts are the money is the pressure on premier league managers so much so that a long term plan just can’t exist. There’s too much at risk.
The other fact is although the fat lady is warming up her vocal cords she’s not ready to belt out a tune just yet. Italy win tomorrow and it will be time to leave work early on Tuesday and do the same thing again!

Japan 0-0 Greece
Game started, Greece has a player sent off, managed just 25% possession. Japan didn’t score neither did Greece. Stayed 0-0 but who cares! England lost again!




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